The Advantages of Cruise Ship Vacations

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Cruises offer several advantages over types of vacations that you probably know about. Most people who try a cruise are surprised by how much it offers.
In the USA the “family vacation” is a tradition dating back many decades, and this is the only major developed nation where the average amount of vacation time given by most employers each year is just two weeks, whereas in Australia the average is four weeks and in Europe the average is six weeks. This short amount of time granted to parents to be away from work makes it more important to Americans than ever to gather up everyone in the family to spend time together.
Family vacations have changed in the last few generations. Back in the 1970s the family would all get in the family car and drive to a destination together; a beach, national park or the home of Family and Friends. But since the growth of Dreamworld, Seaworld and Disneyland-like destinations, the emphasis has been more time at places that provide fun organized diversions, for the young and young at heart.

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Although family vacations have changed, the short amount of time offered remains the same, so the goals of American family vacations also remain the same; seeing new places; Travel to new and interesting places; Trying new activities; admiring new scenery and wildlife; Time to relax; interesting and delicious food, AND very importantly getting good value.

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Cruises: give You the Best Vacation Value As a method for an entire family to travel together, to see and try new things, to eat great food and have time to relax all at a very reasonable price, I can’t think of a better vacation option than a cruise. And here are the five top reasons why :-
1. Effortless Travel to Multiple Destinations: Once you enter your stateroom you only have to unpack once, but you travel to a variety of destinations. You can sail from Barcelona to Istanbul with no personal effort at all, waking up in a new place every morning and all you have to do is enjoy the ship’s food, fun and accomodations.
2. Fun Activities: But aren’t you “stuck on the ship” and doesn’t it get “boring?” Today’s cruise ships are never boring. Here is just a partial list of activities you can find aboard modern cruise ships: rock-climbing, zip-lining, bowling, roller-blading, simulated surfing, ice skating, goofy golf, video games, first-run movies, wine tastings, live Broadway shows, live music, disco dancing and more. Once you get to ports of call you can add in SCUBA, snorkeling, water skiing, horseback riding, hiking and of course sightseeing and shopping.
3. Time to Relax: A cruise also offers plenty of relaxation time in your private stateroom, with a balcony in most cases, to read, watch movies and take a long bath and nap. You can also get spa treatments, work out in the fitness centers, watch the ship’s wake, [this takes NO energy but is fascinating] read in the library, take classes in cooking, lifestyle, arts, computer tips, music, languages and more.
4. New and Delicious New Food: Gourmet cuisine is available on the majority of cruise ships. Many ships have literally dozens of food venues. You can select from a wide variety of food for every meal of the cruise; Brazilian, French, Italian, Mexican, sushi, barbecue and other great American food. The restaurants also offer first-class waiter service in the finest dining rooms – and it is all included in the cruise fare.
5. Vacation Value: But the best thing about cruising is the value. Cruises are mostly inclusive for your meals, entertainment and transportation to exotic ports of call. You will already know what your basic vacation will cost long before you go. Of course, there will be additional optional things to buy if you choose along the way such as shore tours, special gourmet food, spa treatments and special classes or activities onboard.
Aboard a cruise ship your stateroom is the base for your entire voyage; no lugging or packing and unpacking luggage. You are assured of fun activities and entertainment, included in the cruise fare, around the clock. Once onboard your sole budgetary concern is what you want to add to your vacation.
You are not burdened with budgeting or keeping money back for basic travel, food and rooming expenses. Best of all – cruise ships offer something for everyone in the family. Kids can go to supervised activities so parents to have time for themselves. If anyone in your group doesn’t feel like doing any given activity you still know they will be safe – and where to find them for dinner.
All-in-all a family cannot find a more convenient way to travel together, and at a value price. And here is one last tip; if you can find a way to drive your family to the cruise (and there are cruises sailing out of most major US ports this year) then you can save even more money.

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12 Healthy Reasons To Take A Cruise Vacation

With Many Thanks to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

WASHINGTON, March 3, 2016 According to a recent study, cruise travelers rank an ocean cruise as the best overall vacation experience. In addition to being fun, a cruise vacation provides a number of health benefits which are supported by third party research. Today, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) revealed 12 reasons why taking a cruise is a great choice for vacationing and the overall health of the cruise traveler.

“People today are more stressed and overbooked than ever before. Vacations are important to allow the mind and body to re-energize and relax,” said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “A cruise vacation in particular, provides a variety of places to see as well as the chance to take part in on-board activities in a safe and healthy environment.”

1. Sunshine: There’s no better place to enjoy the morning sunshine than a cruise ship deck. Studies have found that getting an hour of natural sunlight in the morning can help fine tune your internal clock, allowing you to get more (and better!) sleep. Sunshine also has long-term benefits since it helps the body produce the important Vitamin D which has been found to help fight off heart disease and cancer. Moderate amounts of sunshine will also boost serotonin levels that fight off depression. So apply sunscreen and enjoy the rays!

2. Relaxation: Finding time to relax plays a vital role in overall health. Chronic stress can lead to a myriad of problems, including impaired memory, inflammation, high blood pressure and heart disease. Skip the stress by lounging at the pool, enjoying spa treatments and relaxing in comfortable accommodations. Best of all, cruising allows for a stress-free vacation experience where vacationers can just “go with the flow” of the itinerary.

3. Cleanliness: Cruise line cleanliness is highly regulated. Each room and common area is kept clean, presentable and disinfected. From door handles to poker chips, cruise ships are regularly sanitized for the well-being of everyone on board. Clean hands also guide a steady ship, as those on-board are urged to wash hands frequently.

4. Ocean Air: The benefits of fresh, ocean air are seemingly limitless and cruisers can take full advantage day and night. Between daytime excursions and nights spent relaxing on the ship deck, there is plenty of time to breathe deeply! Fresh air is known to help keep lungs clean; aid in digestion; improve heart rate; strengthen the immune system; and provide an energy boost.

5. Salt Water: Isak Dinesen knew what she was talking about when she said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Cruisers can take full advantage of the amazing benefits of the ocean. Aside from the stress relief a day at the beach provides, swimming in salt water can also help improve circulation by restoring vital minerals to your body. Ocean water and on-ship salt water swimming pools are also a natural beauty treatment, as the magnesium has been found to help hydrate skin and improve inflamed or red complexions.

6. Camaraderie: Humans are wired to connect with one another and in our hyper-digital age, this isn’t always a daily reality. Cruising allows for high amounts of quality bonding time with your vacation partners while also allowing you to socialize with new people. Whether over a gourmet dinner in the dining room or during a comedy routine in the ship theater, cruise ships offer time to connect with others free of work emails, smart phones and hand-held gaming systems.

7. Exploration: There’s something to be said about the benefits of exploration and having an adventure (not to mention the stories to tell!). Pre-planned cruise shore excursions allow cruisers to scuba dive, parasail, check out local sites in exotic locations and more, without the stress of making planning every detail or reading millions of reviews to find the right activities. Cruisers can see the world without spending months planning.

8. Healthy Dining Options: Though many people think it is impossible to eat well while on vacation, cruise ships around the world offer healthy dining fare and lighter meal options to accommodate every diet. Gluten-free? Vegan? Low-carb diet? Cruise ship chefs are happy to accommodate. Additionally, cruise ships offer buffets filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to help you build a better plate.

9. Staying Active: Cruise vacations offer vacationers a chance to stay active. There are plenty of onboard activities, like rock climbing, basketball or table tennis. In addition, many cruise ships offer full service gyms and fun fitness classes like yoga in the morning or nighttime tai chi. It’s easy to stay active with options abound on each ship.

10. Meditation: Whether packing a dance card with endless excursions or take a leisurely stroll around the port, “think time” on a cruise can help clear the mind. Meditation has been found to help reduce stress, negative emotions, recharge the mind and increase self-awareness. Nothing takes the mind to a peaceful place like gazing into open waters or meditating in a beach chair.

11. Stress-Free Vacation Planning: Vacations are important in terms of “getting away” and bonding with loved ones but the stress of planning every detail can be daunting. Cruising allows for stress-free vacation planning with pre-planned excursions, inclusive meals and endless on-ship entertainment. More importantly, a cruise vacation allows you to unpack and get settled in your cabin without the hassle of having to move your belongings, while you visit multiple destinations.

12. Better Budget Value: Nothing can bring down a vacation high quite like returning to a pile of credit card bills. Cruise vacations are a great all-inclusive way to enjoy a variety of vacation experiences without a variety of hidden costs. Cruise travel agents are also available to help budget and pre-plan trips for the most budget-friendly experiences.


“The great thing about a cruise is that you can do as much or as little as you want, and you’ll still have a nice break from your daily routines at home,” Whitbourne continued. “If you do decide to explore the sights and many opportunities a cruise can provide, you’ll come back from your trip with a set of new memories, experiences and even friends.”

About Cruise Lines International Association  

One Industry, One Voice
Celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2015, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the unified voice and leading authority of the global cruise community. As the largest cruise industry trade association with 15 offices globally, CLIA has representation in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. CLIA’s mission is to support policies and practices that foster a safe, secure and healthy cruise ship environment for the more than 23 million passengers who cruise annually, as well as to promote the value, desirability and affordability of the cruise vacation experience. Members are comprised of the world’s most prestigious ocean, river and specialty cruise lines; a highly trained and certified travel agent community; and cruise line suppliers and partners, including ports & destinations, ship development, suppliers and business services, committed to the sustained success of the cruise industry. For more information on CLIA, the cruise industry, and CLIA-member cruise lines and travel agencies, visit www.cruising.org or www.cruiseforward.org or follow Cruise Lines International Association’s on the CLIA Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

The 2015 North American Cruise Market Profile Survey was conducted in partnership with market research firm TNS and cruise industry consultancy Bob Sharak & Associates. Drawn from a panel of more than 1 million households, an online survey was conducted between August 12-26, 2014, which collected cruise and travel opinion data among 1,600 U.S. and Canadian residents.

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